Sport Career


Heidelbergman Triathlon in Heidelberg, Germany

The ‘Heidelbergman’ is often classified as ‘Ironman’ because of its extreme course, despite its shortened length…


Ironman World Championship in Hawaii 2006

I qualified for this big event only four weeks ago in my first Ironman race, the Ironman UK in Sherbourne, Somerset…


Ironman 70.3 World Championship qualifying race in Longleat, UK.

In 2005 the World Ironman Corporation invented a new Ironman race, the Ironman 70.3…


Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Clearwater, Florida 2006

The year 2006 turned out to be my lucky year! Not only did I break 3 hours in the London Marathon Elite race, won …


Ironman UK 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009

Ironman UK was my first Ironman race. In the Ironman scene it was known and feared as the ‘true Ironman Worldchampionships’, a true challenge …


Ironman in Austria 2007

Ironman Austria will always be my favourite race because of the beautiful race course and because Klagenfurt is my home town.


Ironman World Championship in Hawaii 2008

This race was the end of a long series of Ironman races throughout the year…

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Ironman 70.3 World Championship in Clearwater, Florida 2008

In 2008 I managed the unbelievable double qualification…

Dieses Blog in deutscher Sprache hier

C_chariotsChariots of Fire Relay Race, Cambridge 2008

The charity race follows in the heroic footsteps of the famous film “Chariots of Fire”. The film tells the story of a Cambridge runner’s bid…


Ironman in Switzerland 2009

The swim course of Ironman Switzerland was spectacular. A two lap course and the two laps were connected with a small wodden bridge that the athletes had to….


Ironman in Florida, November 2009

I qualified for this Worldchampionship race in Ironman 70.3 UK despite a crash on the cycle course and a puncture!


Elite Race in Peterborough, October 2010

In 2010, my focus was to improve my running performance and to catch up with the running Elite again after many years of triathlon and cycling racing.


Time Trials and Cycle Races

Click here for Time Trials and Cycling Races results.


Training in South Africa, April 2010

I was very keen on escaping the bad wheather in England and catch some sun shine at the seaside of Port Elizabeth in South Africa…


Triathlon Training Camp in Austria

The Klopeinersee is a small and completely natural lake situated about 10 km from Voelkermarkt nd 10km from Eberndorf which are the biggest town in that region.


London Triathlon

I competed in the London triathlon, olympic distance two times, first as age groupe

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